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Zach Edwards

Founder Of BoatFi

Zach is a key member of the Lending professional team at Intercoastal Financial Group and the visionary founder of BoatFi, an innovative boat loan brokerage. With a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Stetson University, Zach's journey in the financial sector is marked by his tenure as a registered financial broker/dealer with Charles Schwab, where he contributed to the management of over 30 firms, handling assets exceeding $3 billion. A native of Florida, Zach's passion for the aquatic life seamlessly blends with his financial expertise, leading to the establishment of BoatFi. This venture aims to revolutionize the boat loan industry, making the dream of boat ownership more accessible. In his role at Intercoastal Financial Group, Zach is dedicated to providing expert assistance in boat and RV financing, leveraging his deep understanding of the marine industry and financial acumen to turn clients' nautical dreams into reality.

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