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Friday, March 08, 2024

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What loan options do we have to offer?

Embarking on the journey of boat ownership involves careful consideration of financing options. At BoatFi, we specialize in guiding customers through the array of financing choices available, providing access to some of the most competitive programs in the market. We've established ourselves as leaders in delivering exceptional boat and RV loans.

​Here's a breakdown of the boat loan options we offer:

1. Secured Loans: These loans are secured by the boat you intend to purchase, whether from a private seller, dealership, or broker. Secured loans typically feature favorable interest rates and flexible terms compared to unsecured options.

2. Business/LLC & Trust Loans: Loans involving businesses, limited liability corporations (LLCs), or trusts require personal guarantors. All individuals guaranteeing the loan must be part of the entity. Our loan agents can assist you in preparing the necessary documentation for loan application processing, with select lenders accepting these types of loans.

3. Construction Loans: BoatFi stands out by offering this unique loan option. Construction loans enable financing through the various phases of building a vessel instead of paying in cash upfront. Payments (or draws) are directly managed between you and the manufacturer based on your contract terms. Contact one of our loan agents to determine if your manufacturer qualifies and for further details.

Each client and their financial situation are unique. We review all aspects of your application to match you with the most suitable lender. Our commitment to exceptional service and industry expertise ensures that your boat loan financing experience is truly memorable.

​It's time to set sail! Submit your loan application today and embark on your aquatic adventures with BoatFi.


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